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June 8, 2017

By Dorothy Thompson.

It’s an interesting and no doubt controversial subject. Many of Australia’s major corporations are fixating on what would appear to be political & social issues rather then marketing ones.

Recently a letter, signed by more than 30 CEOs representing some of Australia’s largest companies, including Qantas, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Holden, Telstra, MYOB, Football Federation Of Australia, and The National Rugby League was sent to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, urging him to legislate for marriage equality.

It outlines the benefits of marriage equality for business, employees, customers and the country.

In part it quotes:

“In the globally competitive marketplace, customers are becoming more discerning and are selecting products and services from companies that better represent their values,”

“By supporting marriage equality, businesses send a powerful message to their customers that they think fairness, equality and dignity should be available to all Australians.”

“Enabling loving, committed couples to be married, regardless of their sexual orientation will contribute to a stronger economy and a more inclusive Australia.”

I strongly doubt that in the majority of homes in the western suburbs of Sydney, where people are struggling to pay their ever increasing electricity bills, grocery bills, school fees, rent and or mortgages, that this is a subject that occupies much of their time talking around the kitchen table. Maybe I’m wrong?

In June 2015 Roy Morgan released a survey of 180,000 people.

Between 2006 and 2014 Roy Morgan Research asked almost 180,000 Australians (14+) to agree or disagree to the statement, “I consider myself a homosexual”. In 2004-08, around 1 in 42 people (2.4%) agreed. By 2009-14, this figure had risen to around 1 in 32 (3.1%)

There is precious little more recent material available, on the internet or else where. I wonder why?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statics:
On 26 May 2017 at 02:08:36 PM (Canberra time), the population of Australia was 24,470,505. 3.1% equals 758,585.65 people.

The real question should be, how does 3.1% of the community have so many major corporations in such a tizz.

Having worked, for over 30 years, on major marketing projects for many of these corporations I can’t recall any of them doing anything to influence 3.1% any market. So it must be something else?

Could this be yet another example of the left leaning, totalitarian driven, quazi intelligentsia’s attempt to socially engineer their personal social & political agendas? And hijacking our educational system, their shareholder’s marketing budgets and abusing social media to achieve it? It is these same people who then happily vilify anyone who hold opinions contrary to their own sanctimonious views.

AdNews, a Fairfax (left leaning) publication tells us:

“Ben & Jerry’s freezes same-flavour combinations”

“Ben & Jerry’s is taking a bold stance against marriage inequality, banning the sale of two same flavour scoops until same-sex marriage is legal in Australia. The move is in partnership with The Equality Campaign.”

While the ice-cream company accepts the decision might feel a bit cold, the move aims to melt politician’s standing on the issue and encourage people show their support.

Surely, it would be more appropriate, if they wish to promote same sex issues, to suspend the sale of different flavored ice-creams?

“Airbnb calls for marriage equality with Clemenger Melbourne”

“Airbnb has asked Australians to show their support for marriage equality by wearing the symbol of marriage itself – a ring.”

Marie Claire joins fight for Airbnb’s marriage equality campaign

“Marie Claire has secured 15 prominent Australians to back Airbnb’s marriage equality campaign.”

To show support, Marie Claire dedicated a spread in its June magazine to the cause, featuring celebrities including chef Kylie Kwong, designer Carla Zampatti and The Project host, Waleed Aly all wearing a ring.

By the way, Waleed Alv claims to be a Muslim, I wonder how he explains his actions at his local Mosque, given the teachings of the Muslim faith?

“Airbnb has managed to deliver the most public corporate declaration for marriage equality in Australia’s history, and Marie Claire has now brought the star power with celebrities agreeing to support the campaign. Their involvement will help amplify the message and that’s what it’s all about – getting mass support to help drive positive change,” said Marie Claire editor Nicky Briger.

Coopers pulled Bible Society cans and openly backed marriage equality

Coopers issued a video statement online from its managing director Tim Cooper and director of corporate affairs, Melanie Cooper after a Bible Society video, which featured two Liberal MPs discussing marriage equality and drinking Coopers, gained momentum online.

The beer brand came out strongly in support of marriage equality after consumers and pubs began boycotting the brand.

In the statement, Cooper stated that Coopers (the brand) supports marriage equality and promised the company would join the Australian Marriage Equality.

Well, no surprises there.

Four Seasons Condoms builds support

Four Seasons Condoms launched a thought provoking campaign, which aimed to shed some light and build support.

The campaign featured a series of short clips showing married people from all ages and backgrounds talking about their relationship and what the act of marriage signified for them. It then twisted the conversation by asking them the unexpected question: what if you couldn’t get married?

Four Seasons Condoms founder and MD Graham Porter said the video was the result of a groundswell of corporate, community sporting support and came at a critical time for marriage equality in Australia.

Footy codes united in an ad for marriage equality

The AFL, NRL and FFA joined forces in a campaign for marriage equality in Australia in mid 2015.

An ad for lobbying organisation Australian Marriage Equality ran in the Weekend Australian magazine and featured rugby league legend Paul Langmack.

Audible listens to love

audible.com.au has partnered with The Equality Campaign to launch “Listen To Love”, an audio series investigating equal love and voiced by Aussie celebrities and everyday Australians.

To celebrate the launch, audible.com.au teamed up with comedians Joel Creasey and Rhys Nicholson and actress Rosie Lourde to produce a gargantuan and spectacularly outlandish Marriage Equality Acceptance Debate video. It was created by Emotive.

Research commissioned by “The Australian” in late September 2016 showed 48 per cent of respondents favour a vote in the parliament on same sex marriage while 39 per cent are behind a plebiscite. A further 13 per cent remain undecided, 39 plus 13 equals 52, so it would seem that a vote by the people in a plebiscite would politically be the appropriate path.

Personally I don’t care, I believe that these matters are intensely personal and politicians should mind their own business. They cause enough drama and chaos meddling in our day- to-day affairs (no pun intended) as it is.

Perhaps the Government should leave the business of same sex marriage to the people, and concentrate on fixing the bloody mess the economy is in. Business should focus on generating sales and profits; and let the rest of us get on with our lives. At the moment it seems to this writer that certain persons believe that shouting, screaming and bullying is the way to make an opinion appear the only right and just one.

One would do well to remember what Mahatma Gandhi once said:

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