Simply The Best: Our Top 5 Ads

By Jen Brewster.

G’day folks! This week, we have been awe-struck by some of the work emerging from across the world. You might bemoan the shrinking budgets in advertising, but judging by some of the cinematic ads we’ve seen, some brands still have a lot of money to burn to make a statement to the wider world.


StubHub – Machines

This ad reminds me of a ‘dank meme’ I once saw, that said: “When work feels overwhelming, just remember that you’re going to die.” Ho. Ho. Ho.

This spot imagines the forthcoming apocalypse, when the singularity has happened and AI becomes sentient and decides to turn on its stupid creators and wipe the plague of human locusts off the planet. It supposes that your last thought won’t be about the end of civilisation, but instead, you might think to yourself…“Goddammit…I never did get to see Sia live in concert…”

Good work from Goodby Silverstein & Partners.


The New York Times – The Truth Is Hard To Find

I’m biased about this one, because I’ve loved director Darren Aronofsky ever since the wonderfully weird feature film, Pi.

This time, he puts his talents to a series of commercials for the New York Times, highlighting some of the amazing work their photo journalists have done in recent, turbulent times across the world, putting themselves in the heart of of the turmoil and violence to bring news to the wider world.

The results are breath-taking and thought-provoking, and instead of simply trying to sell you some shit that you probably don’t need in your life, actually push you to appreciate something you definitely do need.

Aronofsky commented: “Instead of being maligned and mistrusted, journalists should be respected and thanked. For me, it was an honor to speak with them about their methods and some of their toughest assignments. I hope the commercials pay tribute to the important work these men and women have done and continue to do.”

The ad above is one of a series. Please go and check them all out on Youtube.


Panasonic – Hollywood To Your Home

Well, if this ain’t the most gorgeous looking thing I’ve seen in some time, then I don’t know what is.

In a bid to highlight the outstanding performance of the new Panansonic 4K TVs, ad agency Brave put model Tana Boshoff in a series of cinematic situations, from period drama and film noir to space adventure and super hero action. All of that mayhem squeezed into a minute of female led fun.


Qantas Dreamliner – Our Spirit Flies Further

Oooh…gut punch right in the feels. As someone who is indeed far from home, watching this beautifully executed ad for the new Qantas Dreamliner made me well up with fragile emotion, but then, I was hungover at the time. Through my bubbling tears I admired the story, the acting, and the overall finish to sweet little advert, and should Qantas like to reward my admiration with a free ticket home to see my family, then I would gladly accept their kind and very unexpected offer.


Lucozade Sport – Made to Move (Anthony Joshua)

As the Qantas ad tells us, STORY STORY STORY is everything in a successful advert. Lucozade have a golden story to work with by taking the life of champion boxer Anthony Joshua and making this inspirational spot.

If you don’t know who he is, he very recently whooped the ass of Ukranian powerhouse, Wladimir Klitschko to become the unified world heavyweight champion, having held the IBF title since 2016, and the WBA and IBO titles since April 2017.

His rise from the streets of Watford to the very top of the sport provides Lucozade with the perfect script.


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