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Well it’s another wonderful week in Ad Land, with AWARD Awards just gone and many still recovering from hangovers that would kill an elephant. We will start with a congratulations to the team at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, who’s ‘Meet Graham’ campaign for TAC Victoria won a spectacular 20 Gold Pencils last Friday – and little wonder. A wonderful ad from a wonderful bunch of creative people!

Will these 5 from this week win any awards? Perhaps not, but they did tickle us in some way…


Funner Mayor – David Hasselhoff – Funner, California

When at first we saw this ad, we thought it was amusing, yes…but memorable? Kinda. But then…that image above, of The Hoff holding a cat in his supple hands…it is burned into our retinas, and now yours.

Thank us later. Big Dave Hoff is not the Mayor of the real California, of course, this is an ad for casino.

PiperWai’s Natural Deodorant – Your Odour Offends Me

I’ve laughed heartily at the viral videos put together by the hippie satirist JP Sears, if only because I live in Bondi, and I can relate. Here, the brand uses him alongside actress-comedian Manon Mathews to highlight the virtues of their new all natural, non-cancer causing deodorant.


KITKAT – Katapult

The brand motto ‘Have Break, Have a Kit Kat’ has lasted a long time, invigorated every now and again by amusing little ads like this one. It seems that it was even around in medieval times, as these two characters try to build a katapult with the help of decidedly IKEA-like instructions.


MailChimp vs. the Black Hole

For marketers, you will already know the joys of MailChimp. Hell, we even use it to communicate with you guys, our lovely readers. (By the way, you can sign up for our newsletter HERE.)

These series of spots puts a delightfully weird and wonderful twist on giving potential customers info on what MailChimp can offer.

Black Hole = Bad.

MailChimp = Good.

CTL Newsletter = MAGIC!

good mood ID – The Good Choice Iklan

All the way from Indonesia is this funny little ad for Good Mood, a so-called functional mood drink. An everyday office worker choose the drink one morning, and like Bjork’s ‘Oh So Quiet’ video, he saunters through a wonderful day where everything goes like he’s been blessed by the Gods, with a little dance after a killer board meeting spawns a viral sensation.

Standalone, it’s pretty cool. When it’s watched alongside its companion spot, where our protagonist makes a bad choice for his morning drink and his whole world turns to shit, it becomes a wonderful double hitter that we look forward to being copied here in Australia.


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