Simply The Best: Our Top 5 Ads

G’day mates! What’s new in Ad Land this week eh? Have you been busy bashing away negative opinions on certain anonymous comments sections, or like us, have you been simply basking in the creative glories from across the world? Check out these five wonders we found this week.

PEPSI (Arabia) – Hand in Hand, We Can

Yes to this, if only for the mirrored wolves, the glitched attackers, the Mad Max style rampaging hordes, and the silly looking rock monster. Sounds like a lot of madness to help sell some fizzy sugar, and it is, but thanks to some pretty cool visual effects, this leaps heads and shoulders over the competition and into our Top 5 list!


Canon – Live For The Story

This is a gorgeously made piece of brand story-telling, as a youngster travels throughout some adventures in life, documenting experience thanks to his friends at Canon. As the lighting opens up each new scene, things change, possibilities open, and our jaws drop. Stunningly beautiful work by all involved.


iPhone 7 Plus – Barbers

The next time you’re searching for the perfect track for the ad you’re making, feel sad that you were smart enough to use the utterly amazing ‘Fantastic Man’ by William Onyeabor, as Apple have just done to promote the iPhone 7 Plus.

Perfect use of a perfect track makes this spot a winner in our eyes, and the visual story-telling ain’t half bad either.

Schmackos – Duet

Aw come one! Who doesn’t love a dancing dog? This isn’t a huge production in terms of scale, but what it does, it does well. Not only that, but it’s use of colour is striking and memorable, so it won our hearts double-time.

Continente – FEAR

It might be a little out of season for us Aussies, but Father’s Day in Portugal is earlier in the year. This spot just hit the web after airing on Portuguese TV, so we’re including it as ‘this week’ because it managed to make us laugh, smile, and almost shed a little tear thanks to a great idea, done well.


And the Big Brown Turd Award goes to…

McDonald’s – What the actual f*** is this? (That’s not what the ad is called, but it could be what you think after watching…)

Behold, an example of an idea that probably originated in a bathroom stall, hunched over the cistern, making its way through the creative agency plumbing and out into the sea of consumers. McDonald’s rightfully pulled this utter shit from circulation, but thanks to the internet, no bad idea ever truly dies. Check it out for a lesson on What Not To Do when writing a script. I.E. – Don’t exploit the death of a parent to sell a fish burger, FFS.


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