Simply The Best: Our Top 5 ads

By Jen Brewster.

Howdy folks! This week in advertising we’ve seen all sorts of fun things, from spunky dragons and dancing trolleys to disgraced athletes embracing their ‘enhancements’ to help sell gambling to the masses. But as we watched them all, what were the ones that came out on top for this square-eyed viewer?


Toyota – Crash Test Dummies

How do you show a car’s safety features in a cool, fun, memorable way, rather than some more traditional (i.e. boring) way? Toyota seem to have it nailed, having produced the funky Vitz commercial for Japan, and now this great Safety Sense spot for the US. In it, Stan the crash test dummy looks for various ways to replace the thrill of the crash, since all the new safety features mean that there are a multitude of ways the cars will now help to avoid it. It’s a fun idea that’s done well.


Movistar – Love Story

…and they called it, Puppy Love…but in this ad from mobile company Movistar, things are not always what they seem. It plays out like a tender tale of young love, with both parties exchanging messages via social media as they edge closer to actually meeting in real life.

It ends as a horrifying cautionary tale, an epic stare off from two internet creepers who are pretending to be something they are not.


Skittles – Umbilical Cord

When does quirky become downright weird and unsettling? Well, Skittles have just found the line, with this rather strange Mother’s Day advert for their flavour-filled treats. In it, an adult male tastes the rainbow by virtue of still being connected to his elderly mother via a never-been-cut umbilical cord. The result is as strange as it sounds, so strange that the brand have already pulled the ad from YouTube following a social backlash to its general weirdness. Thankfully, interested parties can still head over to AD Week to view the spot in full. Make no mistake, it is gross, but since it made us at least feel something, this week it made the cut, if you pardon the expression.


Jeep – Recalculating

You know that feeling when you think you’re headed somewhere in life, and then WOAH! Curveball! Jeep have just tapped into that with a new spot. This is shot beautifully, and hints at the journey of life and all the little unexpected side roads that can arise as you embark on the big adventure.


Menulog – Less Talk, More Eat

Some weeks ago, Sydney was awash with rumours that a certain Hollywood actor was working in a food truck in the city. And HOLYJESUSFFS! It was Jeff Goldblum handing out free sausage sangers on a truck called Chef Goldblum. Whatever it was for, we did not know…but now we do. He was in town filming a couple of amusing spots for Menulog! Yeah, sure…these are very (like, VERY) similar to the Curry Christmas ads from a couple of years ago, but they’re witty and charming, so why the hell not, I say?


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