By Jen Brewster.

What a wonderful week it has been, dear readers. Personally, I managed to switch off and explore the glorious countryside, after spending so much of my days in some kind of Gogglebox cave, devouring ads so that you don’t have to.

Now that I’m back in front of a multitude of screens, here’s our pick of ads this week.

Pedigree – Pick Me

This is lovely stuff, which to be fair, could have gone a bit darker, but instead offers a heartwarming and touching ending.

Taking the idea that ‘dog bites man’ is not news, but ‘man bites dog’ is, it instead looks at choosing a pet. Woman choosing dog isn’t that sparky, but dog chooses woman? Now, I for one would watch that. You should too.

Heineken – The Trailblazers

Regular readers will know that I’m a sucker for the epic ad, and like last week’s Panasonic spot that put the main character through a series of cinematic scenarios, this one from Heineken…well, it does exactly the same thing. From epic battles to the high seas, these intrepid group of friends explore the wild frontiers in order to consume their Dutch piss water.


Budget Direct – Captain Risky’s Caravan

From the epic to the short and sweet. When Budget Direct introduced Captain Risky to the world, you can bet that they didn’t think in their wildest advertising dreams that he would become one of the most recognisable faces of Australian advertising. While not Captain Risky’s biggest adventure to date, this still utilises the character in a new and amusing way, as he plays cards in his humble home (a caravan) alongside a fully grown bear and a cute little rabbit. Included only because I’m keen for him to get his own series. MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Kraft Mac and Cheese – Swear Like a Mother

Oh Lord, do I identify with this ad…

Celebrating Mother’s Day, this spots offers the perfectly imperfect mothers out there a set of parenting tools that involve many an alternative to the naughty words that sometimes accidentally spill out when you discover your 6 year old has emptied the entire contents of the fridge all over the kitchen floor and walked it all across the house in search of the snacks that were never in there in the first place, the little functumptious cudbumper.


Lotto New Zealand – Mother’s Day

Well, it is Mother’s Day soon, so it’s only right that I use this column to celebrate all of the wonderful mothers out there, who ‘make the magical happen’ in their respective homes. This cute little spot points a few of those little things that ‘just happen’ around the home, as if by magic. Now, if only I could win that National lottery, and someone else could make the magic happen for me around the house.


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