WATCH: Pitching French Films To Hollywood

By - CTL
April 18, 2017

By Alexander McMahon.

Words cannot describe how much we love this short clip, which begs the questions – Would French cinema masterpieces stand a chance in Hollywood?

In this ‘experiment’ film for Alliance Française de Singapour by Ogilvy & Mather, a French producer meets with real life Hollywood heavyweight executives and pitches his ideas for 3 brand new films.

What the Hollywood executives don’t know, however, is that the ‘unique’ pitch ideas are actually the plots from 3 classic pieces of French cinema.

Made in order to present French Cinema as a unique movie experience, this short contains some pretty funny reactions to the likes of Michael Haneke’s ‘Amour’ – ‘Nobody wants to see somebody die for an hour and a half!!’

Not only does it show that deep and involving character portraits that speak about the human condition aren’t Hollywood fodder (who’s gonna pay to see that shit?) but it also gives a wink to all of the poor creatives out there whose pitch has been laughed out of one room, only to provoke excitement (and funding!) in another.

Bravo mes amis! Bravo!


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