VIMEO GOES 360: Creators rejoice!

By - CTL
March 14, 2017

By Jen Brewster.

For those involved in the making of 360 degree content, it was always with a heavy heart that you went down the route of uploading it to Youtube or Facebook 360, only for that content you spent many aching hours producing to be compressed beyond recognition.

Thankfully, Vimeo has finally caught up with their video streaming competitors, and doing it with style.

With the launch of Vimeo 360, creators can upload 360 videos in stunning high quality, dig into 360 Video School lessons, find inspiration on a curated 360 channel, and a lot more besides.

Here’s some reason why it’s good news for those out there who create 360 content:

Unmatched quality: Upload in up to 8K, stream in high quality, and host, manage, and publish your 360 videos — all in one place.
Customizable settings: Offers creators control over your videos, meaning you can customize your field of view, outro, and more.
360 Video School: Whether you’re a 360 pro or newcomer, the Vimeo team promise to continuously add lessons to further your journey.
Sell your videos: Earn more on the first major marketplace for selling 360 videos, all with your PRO or Business membership.
Powerful integrations: Upload directly from places like Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas, and watch from our app with Zeiss, GearVR, and Daydream headsets.
Find inspiration: Discover today’s best 360 filmmakers by following their brand-new curated channel.
Watch offline: You can easily download a 360 video on your phone to stream offline.

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Have a look at the company blog that details all of the features and let’s you know how to get started.

We look forward to seeing your 360 content on there!

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