SIMPLY THE BEST: 5 top ads from this week

By - CTL
March 28, 2017

By Jen Brewster.

Here at CTL Towers we watch a heap of ads from all across the world each week. So much so that we’ve decided to introduce a new feature called SIMPLY THE BEST – featuring a small selection of the ads that we loved from the past week.

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Epic Skeletor – Money Supermarket

Why do we love this? Perhaps it’s nostalgia for a youth lost to the winds of time, perhaps it’s because it aches with the 80s in the same way Stranger Things did…but who really knows? It blends He-Man and The Master of the Universe and Fame, in some kind of Pied Piper colourful madness that is visually amusing, with the Epic Skeletor taking the local townsfolk for a dance through the streets. What’s not to love about that?

Virgin Fibre – Broadband

Publicising Virgin fibre optic broadband in the UK, this is a visually stunning, beautifully made little ad. Usain Bolt, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Napoleon, Cowboys, Superheroes, clowns, cops, stunt cars, robots, and so many-more-my-eyes-hurt things race down a space-age tunnel that symbolises the fibre optic that all the wonderful visual entertainment from across the world pipes down into your home. Brilliantly done, and wonderfully effective.


Leroy Merlin – Life’s Adventure

Speaking of brilliantly done, this Leroy Merlin ad from France uses the ever-changing ocean as a metaphor for the choppy waters of renovating a home, with a newly married couple traversing the oceans together until they reach dry land – the point where their dream home is finally finished. It uses a familiar trait of having a female twinkle the ivories over a familiar song (like the emotive John Lewis ads), but we forgive it, since an impressive production has been finished so well by some impressive visual effects.


State Farm – Following

Sometimes, you just get sick of watching shit that is trying to sell you something you don’t need, and evidently, people get sick of making it too. Then we come across something like this, from State Farm Insurance in the US, that pushes the viewer to do something worthwhile with their time. An effective little film that reminds us we’re not heartless monsters after all.


Angel Soft – Happy Single Parents Day

What? Crying? No…I’ve got something in my eye. Both of my eyes. Yes, water….water in my eyes. *gulp*

Angel Soft celebrated National Single Parent’s Day by doing something that (OKAY I ADMIT IT!) had us in floods of tears. An online film that just goes to show that you don’t have to blow your budget on a huge production or spectacular vision effects to tell an effective story and underline your brand motto.

You could, you know, try something novel, like funnel that money to some of the people who really need it?

Watch it and weep folks. Unless of course, you’re a cold, empty, emotionless husk, in which case, scroll up and watch Epic Skeletor dancing to Fame.

Till next time!


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