POLITICAL CORRECTNESS: Is it finally on the way out?

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March 30, 2017

By Dorothy Thompson.

It seemed to me then, (when political correctness first raised its ugly head), and it seems to me now, that the world we’re living in has gone stark raving mad. Oh, how I so long for the bygone days when the two words ‘political’ and ‘correctness’ were never linked.

It would however seem that the pendulum may be finally swinging back in the direction of sanity. Recently some out takes from a much-loved children’s programme, Agro’s Cartoon Connection. It was an Australian children’s television show that aired on the Seven Network from 1990 to 1997 circulated on social media. Shown on weekday mornings, it was primarily hosted by Agro, a puppet played by comedian Jamie Dunn. It was wonderfully Un-PC and eye wateringly wicked.


The response to this posting was quite remarkable. Why? I genuinely believe that the population at large is sick and tired of being told what they can and can’t think, how to speak to each other without fear of marginalisation or worse still – prosecution under section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Look, just for example, at the recent Queensland University fiasco. Three students were put through the proverbial wringer under 18C by the Australian Human Rights Commission only to have the case finally fail in the Supreme Court. The mid six-figure costs were awarded to the complainant with no real prospect of anyone but the Australian Taxpayers being stuck with the bill. By the way the case took three years out of the student’s lives.

PC seems to be fueled by the so-called liberal left, a deluded soi-disant intelligentsia jostling among themselves to be “the most outraged person on the planet.”

It couldn’t possibly get any more preposterous than what we witnessed on Twitter with the passing of Bill Leak. These sniveling keyboard cowards began assaulting Twitter, deriding, defaming and lording the death of one of Australia’s finest defenders of freedom of speech that we are all supposed to enjoy. It was final evidence, if any were needed, that the leftie lovies know nothing of decency or decorum. Their actions confirmed that political correctness hadn’t merely gone mad, but stark raving, underpants-on-its-head –  bonkers.

Political correctness has been around for decades, but really ramped up from 2014 until today, when it morphed into a global pandemic with humanity finally losing its sense of humour. And across the world, it seems sanctimonious impressionable youngsters, fuelled by social media, are the worst offenders.

In the USA Comic Chris Rock announced he was quitting the US college circuit, complaining that everything offends his younger audiences. “I stopped playing colleges, and the reason is because they’re way too conservative,” he says. “You can’t even be offensive on your way to being inoffensive.”

Facebook has increased its gender list from two – male and female – to 50, including “pangender”, “cisgender” and “intersex”. Later, after integration with the firm’s US gender policy; this figure soared to 71, including “two-spirit person”. I ask you what the hell does this mean?

Surely it can’t get any more stupid than when the white, male superhero Thor became a gender bender and morphed into the “Female God of Thunder”. Critics dismissed it as a “politically-correct PR stunt” but it spurred equal rights campaigners to call for a black Batman. (Editor: And what would be the problem with that? A black Batman sounds ACE, as does a female Thor.)

Then there was a billboard ad for the new Mini captioned “topless or bootylicious?” This sent the outraged hordes’s into overdrive baying for Mini to “sack your entire marketing team for blatant sexism!” Really! Please! Have they got nothing better to do with their lives?

To all of this do we laugh? Cry? Go and live in a wi-fi free cave? Or do we just bellow, “Seriously, enough is enough!”

With echoes of George Orwell’s Thought Police, the liberal left has become intoxicated with an internet-fuelled twitter where cultural Marxism dominates and “Tweeters of the world unite”. I’m not sure but maybe it’s called Twitter because only twits use it.

twit  (twĭt)


  1. Informal A foolishly annoying person.

But instead of rising up against capitalism, Twitter’s proletariat is encouraged to out any perceived racism, Islamism, jingoism, sexism, genderism, classism, anti-Semitism and whatever other -ism happens to be the flavour of the week.

It has become something altogether more sinister, as a form of McCarthyism has emerged, where one misplaced comment leads to kneejerk calls for resignations and bans. Worse, what the PC brigade fails to grasp is that living in a perpetual state of not wanting to offend anybody creates a vacuum that can allow insidious forces to grow.

All of which means that political correctness has finally got out of control. Intellectually, we are thought-policing each other towards a precipice where only fresh madness lies.

It’s time to tell the PC brigade to stuff their sanctimonious judgments where the sun doesn’t shine, and if this offends them, so much the better.

I believe that the pendulum is swinging back. If we needed any more proof that the vast masses are sick and tired of the PC brigade then how was Donald Trump ever elected? How did Britexit happen, or indeed “please explain” Pauline Hanson’s phoenix like rising from the ashes?

But lets leave the final Un-PC comments to Agro and Anne Marie.




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  1. Ԝow that was strange. I just ѡrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my cοmment didn’t appear.

    Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyways, juѕt wanted to say fantastic

  2. PC people open your mouth start sucking make the squishy sounds with your mouth then in 2020 when Trump wins re-election bend over take it hard then go back to wherever you came from!

  3. Brilliant article! God help us- you wrote that article in 2017, we’ll look where we are now in 2021!

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