Go home Ad Industry, a student just outdid everything you will do this year

By - CTL
January 9, 2017

By Alexander McMahon.

Let’s assume you’re working in the advertising industry. How much money, resource, time and man hours will be spent in 2017 trying to come up with and execute that killer idea that brings home the Gold at Cannes and showers you and your entire creative team in fame and glory?

Yeah, you know you’re trying for it with every advert you do, even if it is just Louie The Fly…

Well listen, you can all go home. Don’t go into work tomorrow either. You’re done. Finished.

A German student just walked all over you all with 96 secs of pure magnificence, for an advert that wasn’t even commissioned.

Eugen Merher, a fourth year film student at Germany’s Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg, wrote and directed this amazing spot, a fictional ad for sports giant Adidas.

Over 8million views on YouTube, and counting. Watch it and weep.

Then head over to Ad Week for the full story and an interview with the German genius Merher.

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