When your $100,000 shoot turns to shit…here’s how you make it a diamond

By - CTL
January 18, 2017

By Alexander McMahon.

For any of us involved in the creation process for any kind of moving image content, you already know the myriad of things that can go wrong on a shoot.

The weather can be worse than expected. The equipment can fail. Catering doesn’t arrive. Locations can get shut down. That one special power supply for your new camera isn’t in the box. Someone forgets to push record on the perfect take. Indeed, it’s a myriad of problems, just waiting on the right time surprise even the most prepared boy/girl scout.

But what do you do when your star (who is also meant to be your co-director) just doesn’t even turn up to the shoot? Do you pack up your shit and go home, tail between your legs? No, you do not.

You just say ‘fuck it’ and do the best that you can.

Which is exactly what director Ryan Staake did for Young Thug’s video for new track, ‘Wyclef Jean’.

For those that don’t know, Young Thug is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. As with any star, as well as being undoubtedly creative, he might also be a little temperamental.

Ryan Staake, founder of the Brooklyn-based production company Pomp&Clout, was brought on by the rapper’s label to direct the music video, but as it turned out, this turned into a co-directing gig alongside the rapper himself.

However…things didn’t quite work out as planned.

Watch the final clip below…because the final result is actually way better than what either the rapper or Staake had originally intended before the camera started rolling, as the director explains throughout how he navigated the problems and created a diamond out of what could have been a giant steaming turd.



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