Feel the emotional punch of Toogood’s viral smash for UNOS

By - CTL
November 10, 2016

In creative advertising, writers and directors are always seeking to entice some kind of emotional reaction from the audience, creating a connection with the brand, product or service.

What if that service is saving lives?

Rapid Films director Damien Toogood approached that problem in the recent short film “Josh’s List” for the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), a US charity that coordinates vital organ donations.

The project started as a simple idea and a cold call to UNOS from Toogood, who also served as co-writer on the campaign. He then collaborated with Publicis New York, Canadian band Metric and Australian visual effects geniuses, Alt.vfx. The production also weaved in those personally touched by organ donation, including an extra who accepted a double lung transplant.

In the days since being launched, “Josh’s List” has reached 11 million views across Facebook, 71,000 likes and 198,000 shares to date. The project has generated hundreds of stories of real lives touched by organ donation in the 2,500+ comments. In addition to an online presence, the spot is playing across 1,600 TV stations in the U.S.

For a charity, that kind of viral exposure is worth thousands and thousands of dollars, and it’s down to the simple, clever and highly impactful storytelling at work in the spot. It creates a short mystery that feels like a mid-life crisis, and then the final scene grabs at the heartstrings in a beautifully tender way.

Prepare to be moved by a great piece of film making by all involved.

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