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June 30, 2016

Hitting raw nerves and pricking thin skins

Below is the transcript of a television commercial that recently ran as part of the Australian National Parties’ campaign to help their candidate for the northern NSW seat of New England, Barnaby Joyce get re-elected to Federal Parliament in the July 2 ballot.

Two women are enjoying a coffee. One receives a call on her mobile phone from the opposing candidate, Independent Tony Windsor. The following conversation ensues. It is clearly a metaphor for the relationship the electorate as a whole had with Windsor when he was the sitting representative.

WOMAN 1: (to waiter). Thank you
WOMAN 2: I’ve been looking forward to this
WOMAN 1: (Looks at mobile phone) Look it’s Tony again
WOMAN 2: Tony Windsor?
WOMAN 1: Yeah
WOMAN 2: What does he want?
WOMAN 1: He wants me to take him back …… well he was OK for a time I guess
WOMAN 2: Yeah, but then he ran off with Julia …. do you miss him?
WOMAN 1: Sometimes, but things have changed and I’ve moved on.
WOMAN 2: And you’re doing so well without him …. how did it end last time?
WOMAN 1: Badly
WOMAN 2: Yeah, it won’t be any different this time … you can do so much better
WOMAN 1: Plus I don’t know how serious he is …. it’s like sometimes he’s trying …..
WOMAN 2: …. to prove a point?
WOMAN 1: Exactly! (Types a text into her phone and then shows it to her friend) Not this time Tony.

Simple enough you would have thought. Not according to Tony. He took to the media with a vengeance sighting allegations of infidelity, (his) and that his wife had been, “deeply upset”.

“They can throw whatever criticism at me but when it involves and upsets my family. that’s another matter,” he argued.


The next thing you know Windsor is shrieking for the commercial to be withdrawn, (Too late Tony). It goes viral. It’s all over the news. The Nationals rub their hands together with glee at all the free publicity.

NSW Nationals state director Nathan Quigley and author of the commercial said, “It’s extremely clear that it’s a conversation between the New England electorate and Tony Windsor. It’s never suggested he had been unfaithful to his wife. It’s light and humorous, whereas most political attack ads are all shock and scare and doom and gloom.”

Executive Producer of the commercial Les Luxford said, “Don’t look at us, all we did was produce a great commercial for a very small amount of money. Yet it is the most noticed and controversial tvc of the election. It was a well written, dialogue based script, which is a pretty rare thing these days, so it deserved mainstream quality.”

Remi and Barnaby

Remi Luxford (left) with Barnaby Joyce.

“Right from the beginning we realized casting was the key to the success of these commercials, we spent a lot of time finding the right people and then workshopped them before the shoot” said director Remi Luxford, “we used a mainstream production camera with standard lenses, normal commercial production gear …. the quality of the finished film reflects this.”

Did this commercial cross the line? crossingtheline doesn’t think so. What do you think?


Mr Windsor later tweeted that Mr Joyce and (campaign manager) James Treloar, “should be the last to raise this issue.” A bit ironic don’t you think? Politics is a very funny game.


Production Company: UFOFILM
Executive Producer: Les Luxford
Director: Les Luxford
DOP: David Lewis
Sound: Graham Wyse
Post: Fanatic

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