Tasty Pictures Produces Gourmet Content

By - CTL
June 16, 2016

“We’re revolutionizing the way food is shot,” says EP Andy Wareham.

New, independent, Queensland based film production company Tasty Pictures has brought innovation to our shores in the shape of two custom designed German made robots. They are set to change forever how commercial motion content is created in Australia and the quality of the images audiences ultimately see.


Tasty Pictures is a specialist content filmmaker with a focus on reimaging food, and product & tabletop productions. Tasty is the only company in the Southern hemisphere to offer this unique combination of two, six axis high-speed motion control robots working in tandem on the same shoot along with a Phantom Flex high speed camera. The results are the most remarkable slow motion visuals you will ever see.


Tasty Films is the brainchild of Taxi Film’s Executive Producer Andy Wareham and Light & Motion’s Steve Isaac. Together they have developed a unique and innovative film making system that captures previously unattainable action with breathtaking quality.


“We’re providing a real creative advantage for clients,” said Andy. “With mind-boggling, pre-programmed camera moves travelling at unparalleled speeds with stealth like precision producing unprecedented results.”


“From a visual perspective, it means infinite creative options can be explored all delivering highly detailed richness of imagery, perfectly captured at 2,500 frames per second. This system is truly the best of its kind.”


Built from the ground up, the 2 x motion control robot systems include Fred, the larger (280kg) who operates the specialist high speed Phantom camera and Barney the smaller, (72kg) who facilitates more portable, onsite shooting. Happily both Fred and Barney love to travel & are available to hire for shoots in Sydney & Melbourne & elsewhere.

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“From a business perspective we have a vital role to play in the challenge to keep telling stories and growing industry jobs whilst leading the charge with technology.” said Steve.

Tasty Pictures’ specialist team includes directors, cinematographers, producers, food stylists, model makers, an art department, and technical boffins all of whom collaborate to make mind-blowing things happen.

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