Jaguar points to the future with global car launch in VR

By - CTL
June 6, 2016

As consumers continue to get there hands on a variety of Virtual Reality hardware, brands and marketers are increasingly using this new medium as an addition touchpoint with customer

For anyone that has paid attention, Jaguar tickled the market of ‘virtual’ reality with a pretty cool prank earlier in the year, where they put customers in a VR headset but then had them inside a real car, driven by a stunt driver, giving them the physical sensation of movement while the headset gave them the impression it was all in VR. So far, so META!

That campaign won big at Cannes, taking home four Lions (a gold, two silvers and a bronze), and cementing the marketing team at Jaguar as risk takers and innovators.

Fast forward to this November. For the product launch of the I-PACE, Jaguar revealed the electric car to members of the media with a ground breaking social VR experience that brought 66 individuals located across two continents together to share a front row seat for the car company’s next era of automotive design.


Read an excellent first hand account of that experience from VR Scout HERE.

Rather than presenting the audience with passive content, Jaguar and the creative team behind it used immersive, interactive social virtual reality tools to engage, inform and delight an audience across continents, and the end result is simply genius.

By choosing to use Social VR technology in this way, Jaguar has redefined the format of product launch, and set the benchmark for any consumer brand experience for any sector for years to come.

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